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(Prices include Toner & Complimentary Basin Treatment)

Full Head

Half Head

Quarter Head

Partial Foils

from $300

from $190

from $120

from $90


Tint Regrowth

Tint Medium Length

Ting Long Length

Tint Extra Long Length

Tint In Between Full Foils



From $110

From $120


Scalp Lighteners

(Prices include Toner & Complimentary Basin Treatment)

4-6 Week Regrowth

6+ Week Regrowth

from $200

from $250


(Prices include Toner, Root Stretch & Complimentary Basin Treatment)

Full Head Freehand

Half Head Freehand

from $250

from $200

colour boosters

Basin Balayage

Tip Out Ends - Full Head

Tip Out Ends - Half Head





Add Low Lights in Between Highlights

Full Head Foils

Half Head Foils

Extra Lightener Used

+ $20

+ $10

from $15

Toners & Treatments

Classic Toner

Root Stretch

CøR Restore Treatment

Shine Shot Treatment

Basin Treatment

Keratin Smoothing Treatment





From $15



(Prices include Wash, Blow Dry & Style)

Complete Restyle

Ladies Haircut

Mens Haircut

Teen Haircut

(Prices below exclude Wash, Blow Dry & Style)

Child 0-12 Haircut

Buzz Cut

Fringe Trim








Blow drys & Styling

Dry Off

Short Blow Dry & Style

Medium to Long Blow Dry & Style

X-Press Curls or Straighten


Pony Tail

Vintage Glamour Wave

Formal Up-Do/Bridal










Prices to be advised on consultation.

colour correction

Prices to be advised on consultation.

All prices are inclusive of GST and subject to change at any time.
Quotes will be given before start of service.
For a more personalised accurate quote, a consultation appointment is recommended.

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